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street Grange aux Belles Paris district studio,1,2 3 bedrooms and more Vacation Rental

rue de la Grange aux Belles Paris district

What is Montfaucon

Montfaucon was to 57, midway between the street Locks, rue Saint-Martin and the Place du Colonel Fabien, the slope is still recognizable and it is on the left side.The gallows were known as Forks of the great Justice and was the main place for execution under the kings of France until Louis XIII.

canal saint-martin

The 10th Arrondissement's Montfaucon

The gibet of Montfaucon was immense. It covered the extent of the Rue de la Grange aux Belles to place du Colonel Fabien and was immortalized in the Ballad of François Villon (Ballade du Pendu) and Notre-Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo (the Hunchback Quasimodo dies there with his beloved Esmeralda). The archaeological treasure of Montfaucon would not be so hidden as they say.

café de flore cartier bresson

Enguerrand de Marigny

Enguerrand de Marigny was sentenced for tampering with currencies and the creation of new taxes. Looting of royal forests, to be responsible for the shortage in the kingdom and finally witchcraft, he was accused of various crimes. He was hanged April 30, 1315 at dawn, he was 55. They stole his clothes during the night, this is the first time a thing like that occurred. Then it was hanged from the highest beam. In 1317, found innocent, the skeleton was taken off. It stayed two years.

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Vacation or business rental are available in tow clicks: Here to rent rue de la Grange aux Belles.

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